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I could hear sounds of nature, yet I knew, even if my windows were open, that I had to be mishearing. The city never let me hear birds or crickets without a cacophony of noise behind them.

Not birds, I realized on the second sounding. One bird in particular, one that I could not hear without memory of that long ago game preying on my mind. The sound of an owl, questioning the night, and yet... how?

I rose from the couch where I had been studying Titania's lines by the light of my reading lamp. My eyes darted around the small loft, drawn toward the shadows that deepened away from the lamp. Something seemed to be glinting there, and I wondered if perhaps a cast mate was playing a prank with a recording. Yet they would not have known about the owl, as I never spoke about it. Toby, mercifully, did not seem to remember it at all. He was normal, I knew in my bones, less tainted by the magic in his life than I had been.

I walked toward the shadows, intent on exploring the glint, discovering the cause of my interruption that night, and then the shadows enfolded me, opening to a place long since put behind me as a part of childhood.

I was back in the Labyrinth, and this time, I had no idea of the terms of the game.

Muse: Sarah Williams
Fandom: Labyrinth
Word Count: 233 words

Full quote: Enchantment
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I thought I was going to get to talk.

Not this time. I need to explain why you took up residence.

It's not...

Don't even finish that.

Because I ramble )

Sarah Williams
Labyrinth (Property of the Hensons, used only for fun, not profit)
~400 words

Full Prompt:
5. Mun Prompt: "With the possible exception of the equator, everything begins somewhere." - C. S. Lewis

Tell us how it all began. Where did that first spark of inspiration come from? Were you captivated by your character's performance on screen? Were you unable to put down your character's book? When did that muse's voice first speak up? Has your character's attitude and goals changed since you first started writing for them? What about their beliefs?
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