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My father began this. Conquer humanity, remove it from the rule of the Corrino line, pull it into a vise and squeeze it until all the humans in the Empire are choked for a breath of new air, dying with thirst for what is beyond the grip they are held in. I continue that, brutally where I must, with conniving intellect in other places, and with sweetened honey whispered from lips thought to be against me, not under my control. Any tool I can use, I do, for humanity must become desperate. Desperate for change, desperate for escape, desperate to advance once again. Thousands of years of no change being allowed, beyond the mutability of names of places, and the whispers of changes to history, raising up this person while shoving that one down.

No innovation may truly be allowed. No experimenting beyond what I decree acceptable. I must be a god, and people must believe this. Once I own their every thought, every chance of change, all in the grasp of the mere name of who I will become, then ... then the Golden Path will be at an end for me. Because then, once I am the god, the Tyrant... then I must die.

It will not happen immediately. The changes that must come in lieu of my stranglehold on humanity. No, it may take generations. But once I am gone, inevitably, mankind will explode from the stagnation of my making. The crucible of the bottleneck on development that I create will pour forth new, strange ideas, and mankind will be thriving with the need for changes, drastic and extreme to the mundane and banal.

It's almost a pity I will not get to see the results in person, but prescience tells me it will be a violent, fraught time to live in. An ancient ancestor tells me in Other Memory: May you live in interesting times.

That will be the way of life, once humanity has Change given back to them.

Muse: Leto Atreides II
Fandom: Dune
Word Count: 332 words

Full quote: "Change alone is eternal, perpetual, immortal."-- Arthur Schopenhauer


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