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Name:The Writer's Nook
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:A Writing Prompt Community
The Writer's Nook is a prompt community very similar to The Muses Stage, Writers Muses, and others on Livejournal. We are in no way affiliated with these communities, but rather founded by a writer who wanted to see more prompt communities on Dreamwidth. Prompts are posted every two weeks. Our goal is to give you a wide variety of prompts to choose from.

The Rules:

1. This community is open to all fandoms. Muses can be taken from literature, movies, comic books, television, myths, real people from the past or present, and original characters. There is no character limit.

2. Duplicate Canon muses are acceptable. Duplicate Original Characters are not. If you suspect someone is stealing your work, please contact an admin.

3. There is no activity check. Post when a prompt moves you, and don't worry about about being removed for lack of activity. We understand that not every prompt moves you to write a post!

4. Please keep the drama to a minimum. We love reading in-character drama in your writing. We don't like out-of-character drama so much. Please, if you have any problems, get in touch with an admin and we'll help mediate the problem.

Regarding Posts:

1. Every two weeks, usually on Saturday or Sunday, a new prompt set will be put up. This prompt set will include quote prompts, picture prompts, word prompts, a role-play prompt, and a mun prompt. Feel free to answer as many as you want!

2. Responses to the prompts should be a minimum of 100 words. Please place any responses over 400 words behind a cut.

3. Please place any material that is not safe for work or children behind a cut and make sure the NSFW warning is visible. This community is meant to be fun, and we don't want anyone getting in trouble.

When labeling your post, in the subject line please try to include:

The prompt set number and sub topic number or letter and the title of your piece. Example:

22.1a - Lost

At the bottom of your post, please also include the following:

Word Count:

If there are any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact an admin.

**Note** Any information as to who owns what character or journal is kept confidential by the Mods. We will not share this information with anyone for any reason. It is the writer's choice whether or not to share which characters they write. We the Mods feel this is a matter of courtesy and respect to our fellow community members and we will guard their right to their privacy diligently.**


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