Sep. 10th, 2010

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I thought I was going to get to talk.

Not this time. I need to explain why you took up residence.

It's not...

Don't even finish that.

Because I ramble )

Sarah Williams
Labyrinth (Property of the Hensons, used only for fun, not profit)
~400 words

Full Prompt:
5. Mun Prompt: "With the possible exception of the equator, everything begins somewhere." - C. S. Lewis

Tell us how it all began. Where did that first spark of inspiration come from? Were you captivated by your character's performance on screen? Were you unable to put down your character's book? When did that muse's voice first speak up? Has your character's attitude and goals changed since you first started writing for them? What about their beliefs?
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"Mother, are you certain?" Richard asked softly, though had anyone been there, they would have sworn he was alone. The companion at his side had long since slipped into death's embrace, but had found nowhere to take refuge, tied too tightly to the world by her love of her children. He looked up at the imposing vista, knowing it for hallowed ground without even setting foot upon the hill.

{Around, Imp. I will guide you.} )
Richard Davis
Original Character
457 words

Full Prompt:
Glastonbury Tor
Creepy coincidence, September 11, 1275 is the day the first Christian church on the hill fell to an earthquake.


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