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"Mother, are you certain?" Richard asked softly, though had anyone been there, they would have sworn he was alone. The companion at his side had long since slipped into death's embrace, but had found nowhere to take refuge, tied too tightly to the world by her love of her children. He looked up at the imposing vista, knowing it for hallowed ground without even setting foot upon the hill.

{Around, Imp. I will guide you.}

"Of course, mother." It wasn't that he would not go upon the hill, circumventing all of the mortal laws governing this place which protected it from desecration, but he did not want to hurt Ryder. He wasn't certain if the consecration, twice, as a church of Ryder's faith was strong enough to affect him through their bond, given that the land had been consecrated prior to that in Richard's birth-faith.

{We will not need to go on the hill itself.} The spirit of the long-dead woman just wanted him to recover an item, something she knew of that could aid his power struggles with the Makers.

"You're not going to show me Excalibur buried under some rock, are you?" he asked, trying to tease her a little, to get over the case of nerves he was feeling. It wasn't as if he hadn't become powerful in his own right, but there was that shade of guilt for walking a path that did nothing to preserve the heritage of his mortal lineage.

{It was long since removed when the waters changed,} she told him, not to be dissuaded. {No, this is merely an amulet I know of.} She stopped him as he stepped just barely east of true north, then whispered the direction to go, and how many steps to take. {Here...ahh, you feel it.}

Richard nodded, dropping down beside The moss covered rock was set firmly enough for Richard to have to use more strength than he usually displayed, his slight frame one shield he cautiously used as a guardian against being seen as dangerous. However, once it was removed, and a layer of dirt clawed away by hand, the object of power, an arm ring of ancient metals without the taint of iron, came to light under the faint stars above.

"It has a story?"

{Of course. It belonged to Pryderi, so the tales were, crafted after he was enchanted by Llwyd.}

"It will help protect me, or any who wears it?"

{I told you, son, I would take care of the threat the Makers pose to you,} his mother told him.

"You always do take care of me," Richard murmured, before pocketing the artifact in a deep pocket so they could leave before the still of the night was broken.

Richard Davis
Original Character
457 words

Full Prompt:
Glastonbury Tor
Creepy coincidence, September 11, 1275 is the day the first Christian church on the hill fell to an earthquake.


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