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Muse: Original Character
Fandom: Original Work
Word Count: 278

The wind blows the leaves on the ground. I look up from my spot on the grass and notice the grey clouds overhead. One by one, I start to feel raindrops hitting my face. I continue to lay there on the grass. As my glasses become useless due to the water on them, I soon take them off my face.

I close my eyes and I start to dream. Not anything like daydreaming, but actual dreaming of something, something out there. I start to dream of going Home and as I feel the wind pick me up off the ground I can hear my mother screaming from the backdoor; she didn’t even know I was outside.  She runs inside, and I know she is calling the police, the fire department, anyone and everyone who can help. There has not been a tornado here in months, and I knew that today it would pick me up and take me Home.

I am high up off the ground now.  I start to flail, but all the while my eyes are close, and I’m still dreaming.  I am no longer in my backyard and I can no longer control my body, but I can control my thoughts. Lighting is striking all around me, and once or twice it hits me. I can’t feel anymore, I can only think and dream.

As I am thrown from the tornado‘s center, I start to fly upwards. I know where I am going. I have been there before. My body is behind me now, somewhere on the ground below. I do not care. All I know is that I’m going Home. And that’s all that matters...
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