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It began the instant Brian got pushy, wanting to know what Dom had said. It escalated through him saying he was a cop. It drug me into it, when he made me give up Dom's number. It hit the edge of the cliff, watching him hold a gun on my brother, waiting for one to kill the other.

But I didn't fall off that cliff until his face was on the evening news. I kept falling, hearing and listening to the report of Johnny's death by cop-violence, and the hysteria over a rogue cop on the loose. Because it was in watching the matter of my brother be swept aside in the face of Brian being on the run that made me see there had only ever been one betrayal.

Brian had betrayed himself, and paid with all he thought he had well as the family he had found with me and my brother.

Muse: Mia Toretto
Fandom: The Fast and the Furious
Word Count: 153

Full quote: Betrayal
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