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Muse: Ti'ana and Atrus
Fandom: Myst
Word Count: 329

The desert sky was filled with stars on the cloudless night. Though the sand still held some of the heat of day, the air was quickly becoming cool. Anna stood at the edge of the cleft, her eyes staring off into the endless distance.

"Anna, what do you see?"

It was the question she had heard over and over again throughout her life; to see the Whole, to observe the world around her. The more time passed, the less joy she saw when she looked across the barren desert which she called 'home'. The pain, the loss, the suffering, the guilt all laid upon her like chains, keeping her back from starting anew. It had taken her years to free herself from these bonds and only to have new ones form as her son, her own dear son, left her in spite and anger.

Atrus, her beloved grandson, would soon be fourteen. He grew up so quickly, they always did. Every day with him she worried, seeing that in his eyes was the same spirit of adventure that both his grandfather and she shared, and she knew that one day he would take his own path.

Anna was broken from her thoughts by the gentle touch of a hand on her arm. She did not turn, for she already knew who it was. "Atrus, what are you doing up so late?" she asked.

Atrus thought a moment and then said something that took her by suprise, "Grandmother, what do you see?"

She turned and stared at him a moment, unsure of what to say to this unexpected inquiry which she so often asked him. After what seemed like ages to Atrus but was, in truth, only minutes, a bit of a smile came across her lips and she said, "I see a young boy who needs his sleep." She met Atrus' eyes and treasured the moment, for his company and his love were nothing to be taken for granted.


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