Sep. 29th, 2010

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Just a note - some cursing behind the cut

I look out over the hills, holding my gun close.

My gun…my friend. It never leaves my side. Orders.

We’re all standing in a line, looking out over the landscape, watching the hills burn. We’re not sure how the fire started or why it has spread so far. When we arrived it covered several hills. In fifteen minutes time it has consumed the visible countryside.

Out here the night sky is usually clear and the stars bold. Tonight you can see nothing in the sky save for the light of the fire reflecting off of billowing black smoke. I don’t know what Hell looks like, but I imagine it might look something like this…at least in parts.

When we saw the fire we stopped moving. We could probably make it through, but command has decided not to risk it. So we stopped. We watched. We’re still watching twenty minutes later.

Those are fields burning. Homes. )

Muse: Unnamed Soldier
Fandom: Original Character
Word Count: 650


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